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Looking to have your event filmed? Want some pictures of your house? Roof Inspection? Drone Safety demonstrations? You name it, we can do it!
Give our pricing guide a look, and send us a detailed message on what you're interested in having us do!

For some ideas of what's possible with Drone Guys' services, check out the list on our About page.



Golf Courses - 9 hole unedited video: $200   18 holes unedited video: $350    Video will include start and end at club house.

Housing Developments - 25 or more houses (Starting at $15 each house) includes 5 group pictures (whole development from different views).

Towns - Special promotional pricing on pictures and videos. (Free promotional video and pictures placed on our website)

Non profit organizations special events - Contact us, we can discuss discount pricing!

School Class Photo - Get all your students in one photo (includes 5 pictures) from close up to far, far away.  


Each package only applies to one location!

Package One - $100
Includes up to 10 pictures

Package Two - $200
Includes up to 30 pictures.

Looking for more? Contact us about the price!


Each package only applies to one location!

Package One - $100
Includes up to 2 minutes of raw (unedited) video.

Package Two - $200
Includes up to 5 minutes of raw (unedited) video.

Looking for more? Contact us about the price!

Video editing

The price to edit a video varies greatly, from a few small cuts to an hour of video with custom voice-overs. Contact us to discuss what you would like to do and find a reasonable price.


All jobs within 50 miles of Kane, Pennsylvania are free
Any further jobs cost $1 per mile past 50 miles.


Prices vary, so check if you're interested and we can discuss a price.

Social Media Promotional Post
Have all of this drone footage but don't know who to share it with?
With this option, we'll post and promote your video across our Facebook and YouTube social media accounts!

Looking to sell your video back to your audience as souvenirs?
With this option, you get a set of printed DVDs with custom cover art for you to do what you please with!

Current promotions! (FREE STUFF and  discounts!)

Group 25% Discount!
Multiple people in your community interested in our services? Order together and everyone involved will receive 25% Off!
(A package only covers one person or location.)

Recruiter Freebie!
Get a group of five or more people to order our services and get a free level one package


Don't worry, you're not tied to any package! Final package choices will be made after all pictures are taken or video is recorded. If you need more or less video or pictures, you can change it at any time!


Name *
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Picture Packages
Pick whichever package you think would be best for you. No pressure! Final package isn't picked until after all footage is recorded or pictures are taken.
Video Packages
Mix and match! You can have both a video and picture package if you'd like.

Privacy/Safety/Legal Concerns?

We try our best to respect the privacy of everyone we can. If the content of a picture contains something that you don't like, let us hear about it and we'll do our best to ease your concerns.

Afraid of the idea of a bunch of spinning propellers flying somewhere above your head? Don't worry! Safety is our number one concern while doing our job, and we do everything in our power to make sure each and every person involved and nearby is completely safe.

Legal concerns? We've gone through plenty of extensive measures (including waiting several months just to get the license necessary to do our job!) to make sure that what we do is absolutely legal.

Whether you want to discuss the contents of one of our photographs, hear about all of the safety policies we have in place, or ensure we're following the plethora of laws and rules that come with working with the budding technology, don't be afraid to get in contact with us! We'd love to hear your concerns and hopefully put them to rest.

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Okay, well, a few of them. We host most of our picture content on our Facebook page, and all of our video content on our YouTube page!